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Interior Design Support Services is a full-service project coordinator, specifically geared to the interior design community.  Projects can be large, complex and take up a fair amount of time. Being a good designer doesn’t mean doing it all on your own. It becomes more challenging to multitask and take on more projects at the same time. We focus on the tasks that take you away from your core business and partner with you to ease your workload. That could mean picking up a dye lot at a showroom uptown and having it brought downtown to you or inquiring ‘where are the tassels for the drapes’. We understand the culture of our industry, what drives it, and how to manage it.

When it comes to order management, tracking items, sourcing, logistics, we are the adults in the room.  Hiring someone with industry experience means they know how to communicate with the appropriate channels and identify a solution. Our goal is to provide you with a high level of service and give you time back. When you work with someone who is reliable and trustworthy, you can be more creative with your clients and grow your business knowing the back end of your company is being taken care of. You might not need another full-time person on staff, just someone who will get results for you when you need them.


Whether you just moved in and need your apartment furnished or haven't found time to select ideal pieces for your space, we'll work closely with you. We offer home design services using trusted industry resources.

Focusing on color, design, and spatial awareness, we curate pieces that transform New York apartments into glorious, livable places you can’t wait to come home to.



For the past 8 years, I have had the privilege of working with the best people in the interior design community. Having worked alongside interior designers, contractors, vendors and workrooms, I am grateful for the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over time and bring to you. Being accountable for  one’s work is important to me. Our community is more than the visual improvement of a client’s space.  Every day we work in a carefully balanced ecosystem.  Things are always changing. It’s important we do our best to stay positive, do what must be done, move forward and communicate with transparency.

I then opened a company manufacturing women's clothing. as an owner, my role was to focus on the big picture as much as the details with empathy. A good part of my career especially the apparel industry as a designer and merchandiser. I opened my company manufacturing women’s clothing. As an owner, my rule was to focus on the big picture as much as the details with empathy and integrity. Interior design support services will take care of your projects so you can spend your time doing the things that are important to you.

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Mac Hoak, Owner, Mecox

Gail Khan has been an inspirational senior sales advisor to a wide array of clients at our company. Handling client inquiries, evaluating the client’s needs, providing options, working worldwide with craftsmen and vendors, resolving problems, and ultimately confirming installation success. Because Ms Khan “listens so well”, she has an innate people skill of understanding what the client ultimately may need. She is a charming and articulate representative for our company and value her honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness as much as her professional skills.

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Kelli B, Client

I met with Gail, at my apt, not knowing exactly what I wanted and unable to make decisions easily. She asked a lot of good questions so she could get an accurate vision of my needs.  Gail was patient, offered many suggestions which eventually helped me decide.  Her service didn’t stop there. Gail also coordinated the best delivery options for me and arranged to have my furniture set up when I arrived home.

David M

As a small interior design firm in LA, I work with an array of clients, vendors, and others in the home design industry.  I didn’t need to hire an additional employee but needed someone who would be my right and left hand to work on the logistics of my business.  Interior Design Support Services has proven that a good virtual business can successfully operate from anywhere. 




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